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Not up to Nightwish standards - 60%

TommyA, May 29th, 2007

I don't usually review singles but "Eva" is an exception since we get to hear a new singer and, apparently, a completely different Nightwish. Even though the song doesn't show a very radical change in Nightwish's style, it's still clear that it's a new era for them.

However, this change isn't so great. "Eva" is a ballad, and not exactly the best one they've ever released. Nightwish ballads are usually amazing and beautiful (like "Angels Fall First" or "Two for Tragedy"). "Eva" doesn't seem to reach that same level. Don't get me wrong, it's a very powerful track with a catchy chorus and a memorable ending, yet it's just not up to the Nightwish standard.

This change, however, isn't as drastic in the music as it is in the vocals. As you probably know, Tarja Turunen was fired after the "End of and Era" concert. Instead of her, we have Anette Olzon. She's a good singer, yet doesn't have the same vocal range as Tarja. Her voice is undeniably beautiful, yet I consider Nightwish to be an operatic metal band (like most of the fans do). Anette's voice is far from operatic, which is why I feel that Nightwish made a big mistake in hiring her.

If "Eva" is the best song on the upcoming album, Nightwish have a big problem. I also feel that, although Anette voice was heard in this ballad, it will be drowned by the music because it's just not powerful enough. Anyway, it's a decent song, but it's just unsatisfactory.