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Original but boring - 45%

EpicaNightfall, June 2nd, 2007

For Tarja's replacement they couldn't have chosen someone much more different. Olzon is not an operatic singer, she has none of Tarja's bombastic power and cold majesty. Instead Nightwish have opted for a soft and warm pop/folk voice very reminiscent of Within Temptation. This change was to be expected as Tarja's vocal parts became less operatic and more pop as the band progressed and Olzon is far more suited to this new style. Olzon is a satisfactory singer, perfectly talented and capable, yet she has no real distinctive element to her voice and perhaps will not have the power to keep up with the faster and heavier songs.

Nightwish again prove themselves one of the most original and evolving bands in metal (by this I don't mean weird time signatures and obscure ambient sections pseudo-evolution) by releasing something totaly unlike any other metal band has done. They released what sounds like a ballad from a Disney or Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. This is not a metal ballad, it lacks the clear distinct melodies and hyperbolic emotion that is typical to metal ballads. Instead it is a subtle, rather warm affair, symphonic but in no way epic. There is no hint of the trademark overlfow of emotions in Nightwish's previous ballads. Thankfully there are absolutely no unnecessary power chords plastered over the song as I expected and there is a nice solo, yet fails to compare to Emppu's more emotive slow solos (Swanheart, Nemo etc).

The problem with this single is that it is simply not catchy, at all memorable or containing any particular emotion or atmosphere. It remains simply passable, listenable, yet entirely uninteresting. The artwork is poor; coldly computerised and there are no bonus tracks included which make it as a release even less interesting. If you're a big fan of musicals, Disney or Within Temptation ballads you might be interested in this but it will unlikely remain a classic. For most people it is undeniably something unexpected yet fails to live up to its potential.