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The End Complete - 90%

Kalelfromkrypton, January 13th, 2010

For any purist I think it will be such an abomination naming this review like the milestone of Obituary but truly, this is the best ending (The End Complete) for Tarja, whether the legions of fans like it or not, whether they are furious with Tuomas or whatever the reason to throw stones at Annete for the sole purpose that she is not Tarja this is, without a question a live album worthy for many reasons, which I will detail next.

First and foremost and quite obvious: it was the last recording with Tarja and being that (we hope) she did not know at all that she was going to be fired it is without a question a superb concert the way symphonic metal it is supposed to sound. She gave, so far, her best performance. One can see and listen to the power of her vocal range and the many techniques she used, whether it is opera, whether it is more pop approach, whether more metallic approach and of course, it does not matter if the sings in the lower tones or higher tones because she can move to any way she desires effortlessly. That is what tells you how great as a singer she really is. There is no complaint about her; even the costumes perfectly fit the music and her theatrical performance.

Second: the set list. There are obvious songs that while I don’t dislike, are not my favorites. Nevertheless the songs played are, hands down, the best set list they could ever grant us with. Comparing to the atrocious ‘Made in Hong Kong’ which lacks certainly many songs (for whatever reasons there might be, I already reviewed it) and that is why this is the definitive live album. When you listen to the way the play Dark Chest of Wonders, Planet Hell, Wishmaster, The Kinslayer, High Hopes, etc you know they don’t need to many studio arrangements. They can play live their songs exactly how they sound on studio, and damn they do it so well.

I am taking some points just because of the fact that I think John Two Hawks performance takes too long and I find it boring and there are some boring songs. Ultimately they are hits but I find them lacking power, being those The Siren, Ever Dream and Bless the child (curiously those are the ones from ‘Century Child’ which I have never been able to dig).

Third: the show itself. The way the stage is set and the drums placed (that is for me since it is my favorite instrument). The lights, the production and basically everything are carefully set to show the band at its peak live. The charisma from the guys live is exhilarating and there is no reason to think whatsoever, even with the internal problems they might have had between the ‘men team’ and the ‘Tarja team’. This is the best way to get to know the band if you haven’t heard of them just yet (is that really possible?) although I again take away some points because of the lack of songs from ‘Oceanborn’. I know it was not that big of a hit internationally but songs from mainly ‘Once’ and ‘Century Child’ is just a slap in the face of the fans because they knew it was Tarja’s last performance already so they disappoint in that sense.

I must end this review by saying that this is a great live show. I don’t care about the documentaries although you can sense (as said before by the other guy) that somehow tension was in the air. But anyhow, as product itself, the documentaries are just interest for the love of the band but personally, I find documentaries somewhat tedious when there is nothing but pure cheap talk, but anyhow, that is just me.

Beautiful. - 100%

Bloodax, September 12th, 2006

It's very sad to know that this was Tarja Turunen's last performance with the band because she was seriously a great frontwoman and singer. This was the last show from their whole world tour that lasted about a year and a half, 134 shows that is!

Everything from this gig is completely amazing, the lights, the stage, the venue, and of course the band's performance. Nightwish has in its lineup excellent musicians, they're all at top of their skills; they're probably the biggest band out of Finland.
The show is excellent, great performance, great charisma, a cheering crowd, it's just perfect. The setlist has their best songs, opening with "Dark Chest of Wonders" and closing with "Wish I had an Angel". The music is very good; the setlist has their best songs. Some of the highlights are “Slaying The Dreamer” kick-ass song, the heaviest here. “Creek Mary’s Blood” the best song, very emotive, with a special guest, John Two-Hawks who plays some flute and backing vocals. “Phantom of the Opera” a classic, no words for it, and “Wishmaster” fantastic song with great vocals and music, impressive guitar and keyboard speed, no doubt of that.

The extras a photo gallery from the show and a 55 minute documentary that shows the band some weeks before the Hartwall gig, a small tour in South America (Mexico, Brazil) . You can actually sense a weird situation going on there, the band looks very unhappy and nervous.
Nonetheless, they gave awesome shows, I’m a witness,I was there!

So if you are a die-hard fan,you will love it and if you don’t know them very well, it’s the best way to.