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Innocently good! - 100%

Stormhelm, November 29th, 2003

A bit delayed it was, this second DVD from Nightwish, though well worth the wait. Compared to the first DVD, this is a whole other ballgame. While the first one was a concert DVD, with "behind-the-scenes" footage, this is the opposite.

The main part of the DVD is a 2,5 hours long documentary. It tells the story of Nightwish - past to present. The setting is Tuomas' family cabin, on an island, deep in the finnish woods, where Tuomas, Jukka and Tapio (Wilska, roadie) drinks and tells the Nightwish story.

It's not exactly few things that they expose. Among clips from various tours (South America, Europe and Korea), we get to hear about depression, disappointments and struggles, but also happier times, flourishing creativity and friendship. We even get to hear that Nightwish was actually split up, for a couple of days. The documentary is very rich and well made.

The documentary is full of juicy "humour-bits". All sorts of crazy things are well documented. Tero (soundtech) running into Tarja's bedroom buck-naked, swinging his schlong in front of her. The same Tero, bungee-jumping naked. The traditional last-gig pranks, directed towards the support bands (Marco as a "Large Angel" on the stage with Charon, is priceless). Tero and Tuomas drunk-as-fuck in a little rubberboat on midsummers eve. Charon's bassplayer dressed up as a rather ugly girl, and several other insane doings.

In addition to the documentary, it has got 30 min. of footage from Rockefeller in Oslo (4th of July, for the record), where they do an excellent WASP cover, Wild Child, while Tarja is freshing up. Also footage from Summer Breeze 2002, is included. Two music videos, a very confusing photogallery and an interview, are among the other tidbits.

The limited edition includes a 6 track live-CD, from the mentioned Summer Breeze gig.

A couple of downpoints:

A bit chaotic at times (not always easy to follow the red line), and the guys does repeat themselves a couple of times. Tarja is not interviewed, which is perhaps the biggest disappointment.

All in all, a very good DVD,jampacked with goodies, that every true NW fan should have. IMHO, it is far better than "From Wishes To Eternity". It should be mentioned that the interview is in finnish (english subtitles), but that only adds to the authenticity :) .

So, run and buy!