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Forget about "Wishmaster", this single is better! - 100%

Daniel_2007_Pendulum, February 27th, 2008

It has happened a lot of times before, and this is not an exception: the situation where a crappy song takes the place of a good single in live performances. This time, "Wishmaster" stole the place of "Deep Silent Complete" nowadays during the concerts, and "Wishmaster" isn't even a single! This song should have priority due to the fact that it's the only single taken from the album "Wishmaster" released by Spinefarm Records ("The Kinslayer" was released by Drakkar Records). Is this fair? Not at all! Now, let's stop complaining and let's talk about the single.

The "Deep Silent Complete" single includes many interesting things, for example, the cover artwork. It's very good, and I think I've never seen a cover artwork that looks like this one.

Two songs are included on the single: "Deep Silent Complete" and "Sleepwalker". The first song, taken from the album "Wishmaster" is one of the best Nightwish songs ever released. A symphonic melody dedicated to the oceans, includes a very peculiar atmosphere that really reminds the ocean!

The other song, "Sleepwalker", was also featured on the Limited Edition of "Wishmaster", but the version included on this single is different, maybe because it's the heavy version of the song. It's different from the other version, in both timing and speed. If you asked me which one I like the most, I'd definitely say "this one!" I think it's slightly better than the slow version.

If I someday have the chance to go to a Nightwish concert, I'll surely ask for this song instead of the crappy "Wishmaster" that I'm sick of! "Deep Silent Complete" is a better song, that's the truth.