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Really an extended play more than a single - 80%

thammaren, September 24th, 2008

Nightwish has done the same thing with every one of their singles. They have created so much bonus material to accompany all of their single songs that singles with the band are more like promotional EPs. Amaranth, a previous single, was released three different ways, including on a DVD. The band did this (releasing countless versions of all their new songs) to boost album sales. Let's look at the result.

To promote the best song on "Dark Passion Play", the CD starts of of course with that song. Bye Bye Beautiful is an excellent song, except for the new singers vocals. Why didn't they just let Marco sing the whole thing? Next up is a pile of bullshit, "The Poet and the Pendulum demo". It is almost fourteen minutes, even as a demo, and a horrible song anyway. Next up is a new song "Escapist." It's pretty good, even for a new Nightwish song. And last we have the dance remix of "Bye Bye Beautiful". It is very interesting and it makes the singers voice sound a lot nicer.

This is pretty much worth buying, just don't listen to the Poet and The Pendulum, because it will put you to sleep.