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Best Nightwish album by far - 100%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 5th, 2003

This is by far the best Nightwish album, and also, the most metal Nightwish album. Agnels Fall First has a very different sound to it than all other Nightwish albums. Since Oceanborn Nightwish has had a very symphonic synthesizer based sound, with powerful drums and bass to add volume. On angels fall first Nightwish tries a different approach using less synths/keyboards, and more grungy, heavy guitars. Nightwish also extensivily uses acoustic guitars on this album, which gives it a very nice classic and folk sound. Angels fall first does have some of the elements the later Nightwish albums use like synths, but not so much, this album is much more guitar based, with more folk and metal elements and influences than symphonic. The band also uses a man vocalist in this album which adds to the folk metal feel of Angels Fall FIrst
The title track off this album is perhaps the most unique Nightwish song, with is an acoustic ballad with powerful operatic vocals from Tarja. Overall this album has many good parts, nice riffs, well done keyboard which add complexity to the songs, no overdone drums like on later Nightwish albums. Nightwishes best album, a must own for any Nightwish or folk metal fan. I can honestly see no flaw with this album.