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Not the best, but a good one - 86%

Novaline, April 21st, 2005

I like this album, not every single song, but a greater part of them. It is not, however, their best one. You can clearly tell from the differences in the songs that they have not yet found their style. But they have made an effort in creating a good album, I'll grant them that. You can't always expect the first album to be a great one, but it has to be good enough to keep a fan's interest up and I think they managed to do that with this album.

Overall, I believe the best songs on this album are Elvenpath, Tutankhamen, Know Why The Nightingale Sings and Angels Fall First. Listening to the later albums you realize that these are the tracks that contains some of what has become the Nightwish signature. They are well-composed, the arrangements fits really well with Tarja's voice, which is really strong on this particular album. While she has, unfortunately, lost some of the strength and power in her voice on later albums, she has managed to keep its quality on this one.
I don't care at all for The Carpenter, mostly because I am of the opinion that Toumas shouldn't sing, his voice doesn't fit it. He doesn't match Tarja's voice as well, when they sing together they sound terribly off-key. But on the average, it is a good album.