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On par with their other stuff... - 90%

MarkRyan, July 15th, 2002

I'm not hard-core into metal at all, really, but it seems to me that the general consensus about Nightwish's albums is that "Angels Fall First" is their, mmm, least-good one.

...Though it just might be my favorite.

Maybe I'm about to lose all credibility here, but I LOVE the songs in which Tuomas sings - ah, to hear it sung by the poet himself! Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful example (especially since his singing fits the "beast" theme - he's not terrible, but he's also not Tarja). It's just a beautiful song.

There are two songs which stand above the rest, though. The one I think almost all can agree on is "Astral Romance" - a beautiful and grand melody with poignant lyrics (with a touch of Tuomas), the song is truly stirring. It's since been re-recorded and released on their "Over the Hills" release. Both versions are incredible, and I'm guessing most will be more drawn to the re-recorded version, since Tuomas' parts were re-written, and then performed by someone else, and the instruments have more metal to them (errr, I guess). I still think I prefer the "Angels Fall First" version :).

...The other song that strikes me moreso than others is "Lappi" - a four part/track song that covers multiple paces and sounds (part one, "Eramajaarvi," has Finnish lyrics, for example). It's a very moving piece, and possibly the least metal song on the album (right next to the title track, "Angels Fall First"), which is why not all may agree with me here. Though it is undeniably beautiful.