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My stepping stone to Nightwish... - 90%

Lunaray, June 3rd, 2004

This is nightwish's debut album, and its a pretty decent album, but its probably nightwish's weakest release. However, the songs in here are not consistant, and the production is not very good compared to their other album. Also, their style has not matured in their album, which also leads to the inconsistancy of some of the songs. However, their a few gems in here, and this was my stepping stone to nightwish, which makes me incredibly biased towards it >_>

1) Elvenpath (9.5/10)

This is the first nightwish song i've ever listened to, and it was also the one that got me hooked immediately. The first few moments of this song is a spoken speech by Tarja, which helps to build the atmosphere, before the song kicks off. This song is catchy and addicting, and has great riffs. Too bad cheesy lyrics plague this song, which accounts for the lost half mark.

2) Beauty and the beast (9.5/10)

Following Elvenpath is the beauty and the beast. Beginning with a symphonic melody, the guitars come in later. The keyboards are more present here than in their first song, and the guitar continues to churn out good riffs. Tuomas actually sings in this one. Well, his voice is decent in this one, but pales in comparison to Tarja's. The tempo changes frequently in this song too, from fast paced to a slow and somewhat jazzy.

3)The capenter (6.5/10)

I'm sorry, but letting Tuomas sing nearly a whole song is not what i'd expect in a nightwish song. Besides he sings really softly in this one and its nearly impossible to hear him. Also, the song suffers from boringness. Is it me or is there something wrong with the electric guitars riffs? It makes me want to sleep.

4)Astral romance (8.5/10)

Ouch, My ears hurt. Either the guitars are mixed too loudly or i have hearing problems. Well, Tarja's vocal parts in this songs good, but Tuomas's part wasn't. He sings too softly, and Tarja's voice far overpowers him. Other then that, the keyboard parts were good.

5) Angel fall First (9.5/10)

Instant redemption! This a great ballad, and very possibly my favourite nightwish ballad! The acoustic guitars plays a great melody, and so do the intruments. Unlike the typical nightwish ballad, the electric guitars do not come in at all, but the song doesn't need it. Its great by itself. I said this many times before, and i'll say it again: Tarja rocks. Her singing is great. The flutes also get a special mention here, because it fills the perfect place in this song.

6)Tutankhamen (8/10)

This song has a very obvious Egyption sounding melody. Tarja sound very haunting in this one too. Damn, the vocal parts are very well done, thanks to Tarja. This is a certainly very interesting song. The guitar riffs are well done too, playing to the egyption tune.

7)Nymphomaniac Fantasia (9/10)

Tuomas says that he hates this song, but i think its a pretty good song. Well of course, the lyrics and the title of this song is absolutely silly, but its a pretty good song inside. The guitars and the other instrument are well arranged.

8)Know why the nightingale sings (9/10)

A faster paced and "happier" sound song. The guitar riffs return to goodness and the keyboards near the end are also not bad. I'll just leave it here because i'm getting lazy and i have to review the next song.

9)Lappi (Lapland) (6/10)

Will someone come up here and tell me the overall usefulness of this song? Most of it is just filler. The first part of this song, Erämaajärvi, is a acoustic song sung in finnish. Problem here is that it is repetitive and gets old rather quickly. Fortunately, Tarja's voice saves it. The second part of this song, witchdrums, is a atmospheric 1 minute instrumental experimenting with drums and electronic sounds. The third part of this song, "this moment is eternity" doesn't exactly redeem it. Its rather bland and slow moving till the keyboard part in the middle onwards. Its still slow moving, but at least its interesting to listen. The fourth part of this song is probably my favourite part. The great acoustic guitars save it from being boring and Tarja's Vocals gives it an added touch.

All in all, this album is not bad for a debut album. However, better material are present in their other albums. Of course, i'll be biased and give it a high score anyway, of accounts of it being the first nightwish album i listened to.