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Maturity versus Majesty Pt. 2 - 60%

hells_unicorn, December 22nd, 2007

The parallels between this song and “Nemo” are striking in themselves, but the routine based pattern of putting this song into two parts just like the last troubles me a little. The minute that a band begins to treat music as a repetitive orthodoxy that relies on the safety of the familiar with a greater emphasis than the spontaneity that breeds innovation is the minute that it begins to wither and die.

This single, along with part 1, showcases some of the weaknesses that are less apparent in the studio release of “Dark Passion Play” due to being surrounded with more ambitious songwriting. While Anette’s vocal work on “Amaranth” is adequate and even inspired at times, and even though Marco’s interpretation of “Eva” is interesting, this single doesn’t offer an older fan of Nightwish much to hold on to. The instrumental version of “Amaranth” is quite good, but all of this orchestra based extra versions of Nightwish songs make me wonder if maybe Tuomas should take on a job as a film score composer.

In short, you’re better off just getting part 1 if you really have to have the single of this song. I could maybe legitimize a purchase of this if you’re interested in hearing Eva done with Marco singing or if you like using the orchestral versions of Nightwish songs as meditation music, but look for a used copy of it, it’s not worth full price as a single.