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Who green-lighted this? - 10%

Emerald_Sword, November 22nd, 2009

I seriously considered going with a 0% rating for this single. I mean, the music is not bad, but this has to be one of the most pointless and redundant releases in the history of music. This single contains two songs, a live version of Amaranth (the lead single from Dark Passion Play) and a live version of Whoever Brings the Night, probably the worst song from that album. They're not even unique live versions either; they also appear on the Made in Hong Kong compilation.

I quite liked Anette Olzon's vocals on Dark Passion Play, but after hearing these live versions, I don't regret missing the band on the Dark Passion Play Tour. Her voice is thin and weak, and her attempt at hitting the high notes in the last Amaranth chorus is nothing short of pitiful. The song itself is good, well produced and flawlessly performed, but Nightwish used to be able to make their songs sound even better live than in the studio. This live version is worse than the studio version. Whoever Brings the Night is pretty nondescript; groovy, bouncy verses and a chorus that doesn't really leave any impression at all. It's not a bad song, but definitely filler material, and I can't for the life of me understand why they play it live.

This is an absolutely worthless release. I perfectly understand that it's a collectors item, but hey, I'm a huge Nightwish fan, and I can't recommend this single to anyone, unless you're the kind of fanatic who would buy a bottle of the band members' piss with the Nightwish logo on it.