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the band of the soprano - 95%

loinclarm, June 9th, 2004

First, I saw a comment of Nightwish, which is a power metal band with a female vocal. At previous time, my impression about power metal was some music full of strong rhythm and powerful male vocals, just like the Iced Earth and Rhapsody. But when the music of Nightwish began, I must admit I was completely attracted by it. I can remember the first song that entered my ear, it was the first song of the third album, she is my sin, and that song becomes one of my favorite work in these years.

Actually, having listened to hundreds of metal band, there is so little as Nightwish¡¯s style, not only the soprano Traja herself, but the entire music created by them. I have never found a band in the metal world that the vocal can play such a dominant role in their music that almost make the songs somewhat like vocal solo works. Even sometimes I think that the reason that Nightwish adopts a style of power metal is that it can fit for Traja¡¯s singing style best. In some other band, you may appreciate for the musical performance of Guitar, of drum, or keyboard, but in songs of Nightwish, undoubtedly, the most prominent part is the female vocal.

This box set includes their first four albums, from which you can fully understand what I have described above. Most of Nightwish¡¯s works are melodic and fair-sounding, for those who enjoy a beautiful musical exhibition, this one is a good choice.