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Stoned masters - 88%

Pegasus_wings, November 3rd, 2006

Do you like bands such as Monster Magnet or Kyuss? Then you will surely love Nightstalker. They have combined perfectly Sabbath and hard rock riffs with the psychedelia/space rock of Hawkwind. Their lyrics are about drugs, every-day life and personal problems focusing on the "wild side" of life. This albums lacks nothing (although recorded by an underground group): the production is far from bad, the songwriting is full of good ideas, the chemistry between the musicians ideal.

Although Argy's voice has not the vocal range of other metal or rock singers, it fits perfectly the band's style with his drug-affected and wild singing. The guitarist is technically more talented than many other "guitar gods" of well-known bands, though he has no personal style.

If someone wants to find something really negative to accuse them, he can claim that they have added nothing new to the metal/hard rock tradition, in comparison to pioneers of stoner rock/metal such as Kyuss or Electric Wizard, bands who did what they did for the first time in history. But progress is not the real intention of Nightstalker. They just love the old good rock/metal sound and they enjoy the "sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll" way of living, suffering also the unpleasant consequences of drug addiction and isolation. That's what they try to tell with their releases.

However, if you ask them, they donnot call themselves a stoner rock group, but just a rock group generally. They have half wrong, since their music can only be described by the term "stoner", but they have also have half right, since if you are a bit more attentive you can understand that their influences donnot stop with stoner bands. Their music is a blend of the main ideas of the past that defined what we call pure, dirty and tough rock.

How could I describe Nightstalker music if I only had four words? DIRTY, TRIPPY, DYNAMIC and MID-TEMPO. Does it remind you of Kyuss? Yes!