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Nightscape - Nightscape

This could've been more original guys... - 70%

Corimngul, December 7th, 2004

Nightscape is another young Euro power metal band utilizing a lot of keyboards. Usually that means generic, bland, boring. But Nightscape do distinguish themselves – a little, and that’s probably the reason that rumours about a full-length next year has been circling around. The vocalist isn’t of the high-pitched kind. His voice is powerful and… unique. He has range but could still need some schooling. Most power metal singers do anyway. The two guitarists switches riffs every now and then, plays original, yet power metal-sounding leads. Varied drumming pace – a thing power metal need more of… The keyboards isn’t what moves this album, it is a frame always there, always a part the music yet not the force behind it… Brilliant. Morifade-sounding…

While having innovative and well-implemented elements, the song structure is still the usual. Short slow intro transforms into a faster bit with much guitars, then a bridge followed by a catchy chorus, some keyboards puts down the speed for a while then we have this faster bit again. Some cymbals and we’re at the bridge again. So, while not being as generic as every other European power metal band seems to be, the changes from the ordinary concept are small. By demo measures, the production is just a tiny, tiny way from being perfect. The songs are in the upper scale of good, there aren’t any real standouts though, no real hits. Well, the full-length will surely have those, but will it be more original? I hope so and the potential exists, but originality doesn’t seem to affect the sales for power metal records too much these days…