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Pure Nightmare - 90%

Incantation, June 5th, 2012

I must say that while I enjoyed Insurrection, I was concerned for the direction Nightmare was headed in. Clearly my concern was unfounded since The Burden of God was amazing. I was pleased with every single track on this album and I don't say that about too many albums, but this is truly deserving and reminded me far more of Genetic Disorder in its overall tone and atmosphere. If you liked Genetic Disorder, you'll love The Burden of God.

Nightmare has always had some amazing riffs, and one of my favorites on this album was on the title track, The Burden of God. While it did sound similar to the one on The Winds of Sin off Genetic Disorder, that is not a complaint. This heavy galloping riff that starts off the song is by far one of my favorite riffs I have ever heard and I could listen to it all day and night without it ever getting old. The rest of the album is filled with killer riffs and has a very heavy feel to it, which you just don't see with too many power metal bands and I love it.

In this album we are also graced with The Dominan Gate Pt III, another awesome track with pounding riffs and an awesome solo. The combination of these heavy riffs, wicked drum work, and of course Jo Amore's amazing vocals make this one of my new favorite albums. On the subject of drum work, I think it should be noted that it was exceptional. It's hard-hitting, heavy drum work that at times seems to gallop in a very catchy manner. The vocals, as I mentioned, are amazing, but it's nothing different from Nightmare's previous albums (Astral Deliverance forward). Also, the lyrics are very interesting, and for some reason what really captured my attention was in the intro track, Gateways to the Void. When he says, "your destiny is far worse than any nightmare", I thought to myself, "oh hell yeah, this is going to be a good album". It's just an interesting line and of course uses the band name; while it's not hard to fit 'nightmare' into a sentence, I still found it to be rather creative and well done.

My only complaint is the lack of choirs which I so enjoyed on many of their other albums.

The weakest track on this album is Crimson Empire, not a bad track by any stretch of the imagination, but if I had to pick the weakest track, it would be this one. This is because compared to the other tracks it's got a more generic riff with nothing too special about it. I don't know if I would say boring and it's a good track, but just doesn't blow my mind like the rest of the album does.

Overall, this is an awesome album and for anyone who enjoys what Nightmare has done previously or just enjoys heavy power metal that is very riff-focused, this is an album you should definitely pick up.