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A step in the right direction - 89%

Jaxel, December 8th, 2004

The supposedly end of the breathing shadow trilogy, The Closing Chronicles, is more of a 70s rock and AOR album than his predecesor The Breathing Shadow which was more gothic than anything else. This instead of revolving in the dark atmosphere of the first part, it really brings out a vibe of depression and sadness. The fact that Dan actually play drums on this one, and not a machine, makes this album better, but not by much, as they simply follow the same general structure. A special mention goes to Thoughts From a Stolen Soul as i really digged the synths on the song, aside from that every song has something to offer, some are long like the already mentioned song, others are very short like Steal the Moon, but very moving. As always Dan and "Tom Nouga" who is Dan's brother Dag gives us an inspiring guitar/synth job, vocally Dan is far better than on The Breathing Shadow, mainly because of the production, and speaking of which, this one turned out better, as the balance of all instruments really allows you to fully comprehend every instrument. And so we get another great album from Dan, but this time he is not alone, on a project that will soon become a band.