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How do they do it?! - 93%

Jaxel, December 8th, 2004

I mean, first we get a gothic based album from Nightingale, then a more 70s rock and AOR album, then a third one splitting this two ideas and bam! we get I, this album is even better than the past two. Production wise, this album is far much cleaner than the past two, with a vocal performance that leaves little to be desired from Dan, once again he asked Dag to help him out, and he does in a superb way dealing with some guitars and the bass, both these guys are very talented musicians, and it shows. Oddly the song on this album are shorter than on the previous efforts, but we also get more songs. The fact of the matter is that this is there more accesible album , and after the success of this album, Dan decided to make this a band getting Tom Björn for drums, and Erik Oskarsson on bass. This is the first album everyone should listen of Nightingale, once again im impressed by Swano, i mean he has given this "project" such quality work, that it ends up becoming a succesful band, talk about turning rock into gold...

Standout tracks: Scarred For Life, Game Over, The Journey's End