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sucks like usual - 31%

Noktorn, February 21st, 2011

I guess Nightfall might have been a band with some credibility to it, but then they did an album called 'Lesbian Show' and if there's anything I know about bands it's that an album with that title is a career-killer. I, on the other hand, only own the follow-up release, 'Diva Futura', which isn't nearly as interesting as I would expect from a band who does an album called 'Lesbian Show'. In actuality, it's just a really boring goth rock album with some hints of heavy and melodic death metal here and there- yes, they've combined a boring style of music in goth rock with some typically boring other styles like modern heavy metal and melodeath. The end result is just as boring as you'd imagine from the description.

I suppose the main influence here is Moonspell, but instead of going with a completely overbearing Victorian style of goth, Nightfall switches it up with a more modern, rocking presentation on tracks like 'Picture Me', probably the most overtly metal song on the album. Beyond moments like those, though, this treads around mid-era Moonspell territory for the most part, content to wander around conventional goth riffs and keys, only occasionally dipping into double bass and tremolo riffs to provide some badly-needed variation. Still, the variation is nothing to get enthusiastic about- most of the melodeath sounds like the budget-priced records you'd find in a Crash wholesale deal, and the goth rock itself is not a particularly well-realized form of the genre, just waffling around a bunch of songs which all basically sound the same. The cover art picturing a guy frustrated because he can't find his keys does not promise greatness, and the band's emotional wavelength does not go far beyond key-frustration.

Everything about this album seems to balk at the idea of intensity. The whiny, keening vocals are just obnoxious, the riffs are basic melodic patterns used throughout any sort of goth music, and the song structures are just verse/chorus patterns with random interludes thrown in to no effect. There's no particular sense of direction to the music, apart from wanting to make the most typical goth rock imaginable, which I suppose they succeed in. The utter lack of personality or songwriting capability this album displays actually impresses me; you pretty much have to try to make something this boring and unenthusiastic sounding, so my hat comes off to Nightfall for finding new and unexciting ways to make me want to do something else rather than listen to their album.

I've already wasted too much time on this garbage. Avoid.