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Scattering the Ruins of Edom - 93%

saevush, July 22nd, 2012

Occult Black Metal Art. When this split communion was announced, it was the first thing to come into my mind. Two colossal hordes uniting their powers unto a sonic creation of pure Occult Black Metal , released in digipack CD and 12’’LP form by Agonia Records.

Even before the music kicks in , you are seduced by the excellent artwork painted by Alabas from Serpentinam. The beginning of the nightmare is entitled ‘’Ingress (The Gates of Edom)’’ and Nightbringer pour molten darkness into the listener’s soul. Nightbringer is regarded as one of the darkest and abyssal black metal acts nowadays. This release just ensures they remain bitter , black and stellar. Their tracks emerge from their roots , combining some elements from ‘’Hierophany…’’ with a very majestic structure. Harsh and poisonous sound as always , where the vocals crawl and rise in a mad exaltation. ‘’Mare’’ and ‘’ The Grave-Earth's Son’’ exhale a serpent black aura containing excellent , nightmarish lyrics. Their circle is closing with ‘’Egress (Rebirth from the Ruins)’’ leaving a majestic impression of a black abyss.

Acherontas ‘’Layil’’ crushes the bounds with a sonic wave of Babylonian demonic madness. The chaotic beginning is opening the gates for a devotional hymn to the Scarlet Godess , drenched in poisonous guitar work and rabid blasts giving their place to seducing slow parts. A special reference has to be made to the vocals though. ‘’Layil’’ contains some of the best Acherontas vocal lines until now. Heavy and glorious in times changing to mad chanting , full of black unearthly atmosphere. The whole track is bringing memories of the glorious b.m. releases of late 90’s , embracing the listener with a dark and abyssal wave , rare to find nowadays. The closing acoustic outro of ‘’Layil’’ reveals the last track of Acherontas which is also closing the release. ‘’ Reverence for the Scarlet Goddess ‘’ is a ritual ambient masterpiece mirroring the black core of the Acherontas coven. A true offering , containing perfect lyrics and a combination of ambient sounds with ghastly chanting . The release closing with the last notes of ‘’ Reverence for the Scarlet Goddess ‘’ but the Gates are now open.