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Excellent - 95%

Sildav, May 4th, 2006

Don't be thrown off by their image!

When I first found this album lying around, judging by name and appearance I expected power metal, but lo and behold I has very wrong. This is melodic-death metal to the core and not many bands have done better. To my surprise, the integrity of this music deserves much more credit than it gets. The guitars, like most melodic-death, are the highlight of this album, with many leads and harmonies, but not overbearing and well structured. The drums are not spectacular, in a technical sense, but the slight lack of technicality works excellently with the rest of the music, setting excellent tempo's but not overshadowing any of the other music. Much the same to say about the bass. The vocals are pretty much typical melodic-death sound... with a raspy, almost At the Gates-Slughter of the Soul sound to them. There are some really nice clean/acoustic guitar pieces mixed in as well. All in all this cd has an excellent sound, with all instruments well mixed and very well played. I am a little short on words, but it is a must-listen for any fan of the melodic death genre.