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Niflheim - True Depressive Pagan Black Metal

So dark - 87%

annatar, May 18th, 2005


TRUE depressive pagan black metal. The first demo of the band NIFLHEIM made of the alliance of Bergelmir and Fenrir. The cold and unholy atmosphere which this album releases is very impressive. Fenrir's vocals are so dark and so brutal with the reverb, every single screams is like he was dying, and his war drums are fantastic. Bergelmir's riffs are raw and violent. The 20 minutes demo begins with the song: Passing the gates, Hvergelmir, I just love it! The cold wind of my breath is always blowing, the second song, is the most depressive, it begins with an acoustic guitar melody, then a heavy raw distortion comes in with the vocals. The third song The forest of the pagan throne is the less depressive one (it is NOT a happy song) and the last one Svart Vinter, which means black winter in the Norwegian language, is my favorite. The drum beat is fast and the riffs are brutal, it leaves no one indifferent. This is not Cradle of Filth or Dimmu Borgir kind of music. They surely have reached their goal of making the coldest, grimest and most depressive black metal based on the pagan life code. Hail Niflheim!