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Nifelheim - The Burning Warpath to Hell

The Burning Warpath To Hell - 90%

Nattskog7, May 25th, 2023
Written based on this version: 2019, 7" vinyl, TPL Records

Sweden’s favourite heavy metal brothers are back with a new EP of scorching extreme metal delights!

Soaring guitars and thundering bass over chimed cymbal hits draw in this epic track of totally savage extremity. Building up to total mayhem, the seasoned metallers blast out furious music with blistering solos and ripping vocals that hit monstrously hard. Immediately this new track grasps your attention and takes you to a place of total heavy metal barbarity with no faltering, just pure maniacal musicianship and poised aggression.

With this being the first new material in 5 years, it’s like Nifelheim never left (possibly due to me constantly blasting their music) and demand your respect and attention with pure metal majesty. An absolutely killer new track of anthemic destruction. On the B-side we are given a re-recording of “Devil’s Wrath”, a metallic onslaught devastates with searing black-thrash mayhem beautifully. The monolith of all things heavy is a scorching revisit to a killer piece of manic musical evil and certainly a fitting inclusion for this 7″ of doom.

This was a totally marvellous EP that certainly has me itching to see what the next full length record has to offer, predictably something wonderfully intense and fantastically evil. Excellent work as always from the brothers of heavy metal!

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