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Rotten - 90%

themastertherion, October 4th, 2006

Nifelheim is one of the top bands when it comes to chaos, slaughter of harmony and rotten musicianship (that is what Black Metal is all about in the musical sense, isn't it?). What we've got here is some Old School Black Metal that is uncompromisingly aggressive. Nifelheim has never had an interest in playing "beautiful" music, so you cannot expect their debut to be suitable for the symphonic, melodic, synthetic music loving ears. This album is more chaotic and raw than Bathory's early material in both the musical and lyrical aspects, also much more primitive and militant. Though "Possessed By Evil" and "Sodomizer" show glimpses of some excellent thrash metal, the album in general is built up of old school noise that is bringing the Bathory legacy one more step down into chaos. They never drift into other approaches to music and maintain the noisy old school style from the very beginning right to the end.

Fast and grinding riffs are accompanied by powerful, insanely beating frenzied drums throughout the album. With the addition of screaming vocals, it stands as a monument of studio and concert hall demolition. Nifelheim is the 180 degrees opposite of Bewitched's refined sound and style, and there to satisfy more barbarian Black Metal tastes when they surface.

Recommended to everyone who like to hear some good old noisy Black Metal.