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Nidhøgg - Siegeszug der Götter

May improve with your mead goggles on - 60%

autothrall, April 27th, 2010

Nidhøgg is a German band playing a mix of black/death metal with pagan folk influences. Their debut Siegeszug der Götter is a fairly well rounded effort, if brief, the six tracks showcasing the band's range of acoustic folk segments, glorious charging rhythms and mug beating swagger.

The title track commences the album with an acoustic riff that transforms into a melody over chugging, mid-paced Viking metal. Though adequate, it isn't until the 3 minute mark in which the song really grabs hold with some violins and synth, used in repetition for the final 2 minutes of the track. "Till Death we Stand" is slow to start, but cuts into a charging melodic rhythm. Once again, some subtle orchestral layers appear near the end of the track and really add another dimension which would have improved the entire song. "Storm of Fimbul" is a driving melodic death track which reminded me somewhat of Amon Amarth, but with that added synthwork. "Jomsvikingar" is a little cheesy, with some clean folkills that sound like a drunk staggering out of the meadhall. "Der Tod des Baldur" features the best metal riffs on the album, churning chords and glistening melodies. The album ends with the "Saga von Tyr", more cheesy folkills and some forgettable riffing.

Siegeszug der Götter is not a bad album, nor does it sound bad. The vocals cut right through the thrust of the melodic rhythm guitars, the drumming is passable and the acoustics blend straight into their heavier counterparts. I didn't enjoy the band's clean singing, and only a few of the riffs really immersed me in the band's conceptual Norse folklore. If you're into bands like Thyrfing and Moonsorrow, then Nidhøgg is barking up your tree. But they have some distance to sail yet before they can arrive at comparable waters.