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Very Good Album and Band - 90%

DawnDeparted, January 2nd, 2004

I first heard this band from a while back before they shut down, I wanted a band that sounded like Tristania so I typed that in and Nicodemus came up. I decided to download a song since the song title sounded a bit interesting. I heard it and I thought it was amazing. The song I downloaded was "Through Tenderness and Violence" it's the opening track on this album. I downloaded a few more songs and I knew I had to get an album by them.

I went to a record store which specializes in very rare CD's and bands and I found them. I knew I had to buy them and I'm glad I did. By the way the name of the Record Store is Vintage Vinyl in NJ.

I put the CD in and listened to the first track, the one I downloaded from which a great song. I thought the album was going to sound more like "Through Tenderness..." but it didn't which kind of upset me. But it was still a great album nonetheless. They mix a lot of metal genres in this album like doom, goth, black, and even industrial to make an interesting blend of metal. If you're into any doom or gothic metal this band is a must listen.

Also, the songs on this CD are very long, most songs are about 10 minutes long each and exceeding; there is even a 17 minute song on here.

The most amazing thing is when I read the CD booklet, it reads "All works composed, arranged, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Christopher David Morris," which means he written all music and played all instruments on this album with no help.

Check them out, you won't go wrong with a great band such as Nicodemus...