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Mystic black metal from the Spanish underground - 75%

Obscurus_Sinister, February 9th, 2011

Written by Obscurus_Sinister on February 9th 2011

“Of Vampyric Occultism and Satanic Philosophy” is Nibelheim Moonlight’s third creation by now. Regrettably I don’t know the former records so I can’t compare them to this one. Nevertheless I quite apace was interested into that cassette, because of its Spanish origin.

The demo’s music becomes opened by a cryptic and kind of ambient sounding intro called “The Tears Of A Werewolf”. After creating a mystic atmosphere the first black metal composition named “Buried In The Ethereal Cosmos Among Black Stars” is following. The song begins with a disharmonic and at the same time melodic solo guitar play and gets a well fast speed according to just a few seconds.

As against its forerunner the title track has a slower tempo at least for about the first three minutes and in the end again. It also seems to me that the guitar riffs are a little bit more complex than before. Nibelheim Werwolf’s singing is still the same classic black metal screaming, but with a great intenseness.

“Grimness And Hate” is the opus’ endmost tune which catches someone’s ear compared to the others being a rawer black metallic one. Most distinctive are the werewolf-like howls resounding a couple of times during the whole thing. I personally would betoken this and the title song as the release’s highlights.

There is really not a lot of criticism left to write after listening to Nibelheim’s final work so far. The only point could be the short duration of just sixteen minutes. A little bit even for a demo tape.

“Of Vampyric Occultism and Satanic Philosophy” is a successful creation of what it’s named with the nicest cassette booklet I have ever seen for sure (great artwork, grim cover and lyrics about each song). I really advise to listen to this record if you are into black metal. For audio tests click here: