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You're gonna find out that this is not very good. - 49%

SlaySlaysButAlsoReviews, February 20th, 2012

”We’re gonna find out today, maybe we can stay”

On that day in 1982, these Dutch bangers found out that they couldn’t stay for more than a year before disbanding, leaving us with one full-length and two tracks on a compilation. I found out about these guys from that very same compilation, “Holland Heavy Metal Vol. 2 Live in Brouwershoeck”, which wasn’t much better than this but I decided to give this album a try anyways.

What we have here is a mediocre band on the border of hard rock and heavy metal, struggling to find their own style and to write good songs, which is sad because these guys sound like they are actually good on their instruments.

There’s a lot of diversity to be found on this album. It’s almost as if the band doesn’t know what genre to stay in. They keep going back and forth from progressive rock to hard rock to heavy metal to genres as irrelevant as post-punk. I personally don’t know if this is some of the most uninspired garbage or some of the most original metal that I have ever heard. The overall style can be described as if early Scorpions and early Krokus met with the pub-rock side of NWOBHM and had a baby and that baby got crushed in a car accident. The progressive parts of the album are very similar to Krokus’s first albums and the overall songwriting is reminiscent of Scorpions 1970’s stuff and the softer NWOBHM bands such as Demon and Holland.

The album starts off with its highlight, the title track. It’s crunchy while atmospheric and interesting and the chorus is extremely catchy. This is the only really good song on the album. The rest of the songs follow this pattern of somewhat good and interesting verses to uninspired and awkward choruses, always either ending or jumping in with an extremely out-of place and progressive instrumental section. Some of the songs would honestly be great if it wasn’t for the horrible choruses. The other highlights are few and far between. Some of the riffs and guitar solos are great, jumping from different styles in every song. I even found a wah-wah pedal in one of them. The guitar is generally very good and talented but gets dragged down in the songwriting and overpowered by the sound of the drums who are also very good. Even the bass is good, which is also the reason why it’s given so much air in some of the songs like “Salvation” and “I Guess I Was Wrong”. The vocals, on the other hand, are bad. His uncharacteristic style, range from deep to high and struggle to hit the notes in almost every single song.

The production is actually better than the band itself. That doesn't mean it's anything good though. The album is an obscurity and stays an obscurity, even with its good parts. The good parts are usually overshadowed by the bad parts anyways and aren't worth digging for. If you don't believe this album is bad, you're "Gonna Find Out". I did, and by the first track i thought it would be great, but “I Guess I Was Wrong”. The album honestly made me "Angry" and it was a "Salvation" to "Fly" away from it. Utrecht Province around 1982 is a "Time Machine" that i won't use if i want to "Survive" this album from these "Mutants" they called "Dreamchild".