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A Terrific Record By the Underdog - 80%

hexen, March 18th, 2013

Jason Newsted is someone who never got his fair share from Metallica. He's been around for Metallica on some of their least well-received records, but did the absolute right thing when he split and left prior to St. Anger. However, none of us know anything about Jason besides his failed Echobrain project and the stuff he's done with Ozzy and his other side projects, none of which really eclipsed the kind of metal he was playing with Metallica.

This EP, however, brings something different. It starts off with the very raw and rather Motorhead-like song "Soldierhead". Make no mistake, this is not a Motorhead ripoff, although the influence is certainly there. Newsted's vocals are fairly good; the dude knows how to sing. The standout thing about this track is how fast it is, pretty much reminiscent of what Newsted himself was like while playing for Metallica - absolutely dedicated and willing to go all out for his band. The lyrics are standard speed metal lyrics with a bit of rhyming and some catchiness to them.

The rest of the EP doesn't follow on such a high note, but, for example, "King of the Underdogs" once again bears resemblance to Motorhead and maybe even a little Metallica and is quite simply catchy as hell. No single instrument, even the bass, stands out on its own, but it's nice to see Newsted play like a real band in tandem with one another and encompassing everything heavy metal has needed for over a decade - raw riffs, pummeling drums, and distorted bass all sprayed with his kick-ass grunt vocals.

Well done, Newsted, well done.