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Nothing outstanding, but worth a listen. - 76%

Predator667, April 10th, 2005

New Eden is a power metal band. And I mean POWER, not soft, so most fans of Sonata Arctica and other bands of this sort won't find anything for them on this record - no keyboards here, just drums and guitars! This is heavy metal, not disco! Probably some of the melodic soft metal fans will find this music too extreme, haha!

The music here is basically a mixture of heavy metal and thrash with progressive rock influences and great, powerful, clear vocals. The songs are fast, sharp and heavy, but also melodic. I can also hear, that the band didn't forget the rockandroll roots of heavy metal. Also we have here the neccessary power-ballad. At some moments this record reminds me of such bands as Iced Earth and Agent Steel - except that New Eden is a bit softer and slower.

First - the guitars. They're good, sharp, and the guitarist did their homework - their technique is flawless. The drumming maybe isn't virtuosous, but the drummer does a good job - nothing less, nothing more. The bass does the same - a bit in the back, does his job just right. The vocals - the singer has a good technique and a nice voice. Unfortunately, there are some moments when he doesn't sound too good - like in "I Am". Also the instrumental parts are far from ideal at some parts - e.g. during the guitar solo on "Dance of the Dead". The lyrics aren't great too - most of the time they're allright, but at some times they're just crappy... So the album isn't amazing, but it still gives you a very nice feeling when you listen to it.

So, all in all, a good album, not even near the best ever, but... give it a chance - you shouldn't be disappointed.