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The Politics of Excellence - 94%

stefan86, November 12th, 2004

I am and have always since I first heard them been a huge fan of this band. The heavy-out-of-this world riffs, the incredibly intricate lead guitars as well as Warrel Dane's soaring vocals and deep lyrics are the main things that make this band so great. This record, "The Politics of Ecstacy" is quite possible their most Thrash-sounding record together with it's successor "Dreaming Neon Black".

Right at the start of the first track, "The Seven Tongues of God", we get an amazing thrashing section with incredible combinations of drums and guitars. This song is amazing to behold live, or rather headbang your entire spinal chord into splitters to. Great opening track.

Doing a song-by-song review of this would take years, since every song on this album is filled with greatness. I do need to mention some more tracks though.

The title track "The Politics of Ecstacy" is one of the best tracks in Nevermore's discography. Warrel is completely possessed with passion and rage as he belts out the great lyrics on this one. The all-out Thrash attack in the middle section is also amazing. One of Nevermore's heaviest moments.

The very long and epic "The Learning" is my favourite Nevermore track because of it's mix of incredible heavy as well as mellow riffs, with Warrel's amazing lyrics on top. This is in my opinion the perfection of Nevermore's writing formula. Great live track as well.

"Next In Line" as another very good track. This is one of the best vocal performances I ever heard by Warrel, amazing power. The chorus on this one is also very haunting.

Every other track is of high quality as well. "This Sacrament", "Lost", "42147" and "The Tiananmen Man" are quite typical heavy Nevermore tracks, and they're all very good. They would definitely be described as great tracks if they were on an album that didn't feature so many awesome songs. "Passenger" is the most mellow song on this album, but very enjoyable still, as it is quite atmospheric and haunting. Another thing I have to mention about this record is the production. The guitars sound incredibly clear as well as very raw.

This is a great mix of the best elements of Thrash and Power Metal. There are very few things that can top hearing Warrel Dane's assaulting vocals over Jeff Loomis amazing riffing. The real highlight of Nevermore's career is still "Dreaming Neon Black", but that doesn't change the fact that this is a flawless album.