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Excellent concept album, Dane is a god - 97%

panteramdeth, February 29th, 2004

Nevermore have always been a consistent band, and Dreaming Neon Black is proof that the consistency has continued. Dreaming Neon Black is an excellent album to start any power metal collection with, and I'll explain why.

Basically, this album is about a relationship with a girl that singer Warrel Dane had, and he eventually loses her. He gets very depressed, and he winds up committing suicide in the end. The lyrics and the mood created by the album's musicianship and production fit this story nearly flawlessly.

The album opens with "Ophidian" and "Beyond Within", the latter track opening with crunching riffs and some slide guitar, courtesy of Jeff Loomis and Tim Calvert, plus an intro of pounding drums from Van Williams. On "The Death Of Passion" and "I Am The Dog", the overall pace slows down a little bit, but is still fairly fast. Next we get to the title track, which begins with some acoustic guitar and almost soothing vocals from Dane, then the chorus has some nasty riffing. The song works into an eerie-sounding mid-section at about the 3:45 mark with some female vocals, then works back into the chorus. "Deconstruction" greets us next, and it has some of Dane's best vocal work with Nevermore, especially in the beginning of the song. "The Fault Of The Flesh" is a heavy thrasher with some nasty riffing and fast double-bass drums, before going into the much slower "The Lotus Eaters". Jim Sheppard's bass playing and the guitars from Loomis and Calvert, coupled with Dane's haunting vocals give this song a very gloomy and depressing feel, and the lyrics fit the story perfectly. "Poison Godmachine" and "All Play Dead" show the story at its climax, and are both fast, heavy thrashers. "Cenotaph" is another track similar in style to "Lotus Eaters", and the story ends with two moving tracks, "No More Will" and "Forever", which is where the main character ulimately commits suicide, a la the end of Romeo And Juliet. The last track features about 6 minutes of silence, and is a very ultimately sad song, but a very good way to end the album.

This album has great musicianship and a great story, I demand you go out and pick this one up; you will not regret it if you love power and thrash metal, especially in the vein of Burnt Offerings-era Iced Earth. This album is also a reason why Nevermore is one of the most loved power-thrash bands of the 90's, both in the US and abroad.