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simply amazing - 97%

dragons_secrets, February 4th, 2003

So many different words can describe this album, and so many emotions can be conjured up by listening to it. As far as this genre of metal goes this is as good as it gets...plenty of atmosphere + great songwriting + the always outstanding vocals of Warrell Dane make this Nevermore's best release to date undoubtedly. The overall feel of Dreaming Neon Black is very dark and brooding, but also amazingly heavy and crunchy at times as well. However the thing that really makes this album special is the way the songs are structured and written, much so in a way that will have each and every one of them stuck in your head again and again. Every song is not only catchy but they always have that little melody or hook, usually in the form of Warrell's transcendental voice, that just pulls at your heart and makes you wanna sing along. The vocals are simply great and in my opinion Warrell Dane is the PERFECT singer for this style of metal..he sings with great conviction once again on DNB, just as he always has!! But all of that is not to ignore the rest of the band, the guitarwork of Jeff Loomis adds the perfect atmosphere and not only that, tons of excellent soloing is to be found here, as his guitar playing makes me believe that this is the way 'dark metal' should be played! All that backed by the solid basswork of Jim Sheppard, and the superb drumming of underrated drummer Van Williams make Dreaming Neon Black an instant metal classic that will live on forever!!!

Standouts=No More Will, The Lotus Eaters, Deconstruction, and the chilling title track.