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Killer cd - 98%

Thrash_Till_Death, December 2nd, 2002

This is nevermores 3rd full length release and its simply awesome. It is based around the concept of an old girlfriend of Warrel's who dissapeared and never heard from again. Read the lyrics to understand more about this.

To be blunt, this cd is just fucking awesome. It has some wicked fast songs that will have you headbanging and it has some songs that may seem like ballads, but really aren't and are in a very dark mood. Warrel puts in what could be called his best performance vocally on this cd, as he is all over the board. He hits really high notes, low notes and everything in between. At times you just feel his pain, as his singing will show you his tortured feelings along with the lyrics. Jeff Loomis rips and shreds many great solos on this cd, which he always does. The bass is evident on the cd and is noticeable, but nothing mindblowing. But either way, its always great when you can actually hear all the instruments. Van's drumming is awesome as always as he sets the tone for songs with his fast drum work and at other times its a slow brooding type music, which fits. The production on the cd is great and you can hear everything.

Overall this is an awesome cd from start to finish, though it may take a few listens to get adjusted to, due to the variety on it. Standout tracks...well all of them actually, but Beyond Within, I Am the Dog and Poison Godmachine are really killer tracks. This cd should be in everyones collection, so if you don't have it, GET IT!