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Kinda overrated, but good - 89%

StygianSteel, September 19th, 2003

Overview - Nevermore follows up the milestone of The Politics Of Ecstacy by incorporating some of their first album's thick power metal sound. The lyrics of the album are a concept based around an ex girlfriend of Warrel's who joined a cult then killed herself. So basically this is really cheerful. Expect plenty of happy folk music. I am currently dripping with sarcasm for the brain dead.

The Good News - A solid follow up and some of the songs on this disc are amongst the top of Nevermore's catalogue. Deconstruction has an absolutely brilliant intro and build up which gives way to an absolute bulldozer of a song. Slower and methodical destruction. The vocals and lyrics of the intro absolutely overflow with evil. Beautiful work. Poison Godmachine is another top spot with it's great bass work and intensity. Great axe work behind the chorus as well. The #1 pick of the album has to be the title track though which is just plain genius. A magnificent ride which manages to sound heavy yet soft at the same time. I can't even do it justice with words.

The Bad News - Not really as intense and ripping as the last. I would've called it a step backwards at the time, but in hind sight it is a suiting progression into the next masterpiece. There are a few songs that sound bland such as I Am The Dog and Death Of Passion which sound kind of similar.