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brilliant.. - 98%

Slave_to_the_dark, July 5th, 2003

Definetely my favourite Nevermore album. Whilst I don't particularly like the crunchy guitars (despite their heaviness), and I don't think Warrel Dane is one of the greatest vocalists in the world, this is an unbelievable album... The album sets the tone, pace and feeling of the album, and so many emotions are provoked by the atmosphere of the album.

Warrel Dane is on top form, his vocals are haunting, perfect for the storyline, the Jeff Loomis fills in the gaps with some brilliantly heavy guitar work, the riffs are crushing and biting, the solo's merge into the songs so well, and the drums add to the pace and anger of the album.

Dreaming Neon Black stands out as the best song on the album, its slower than some of the other songs but the chorus is brutally powerful, Dane shines on this one... Deconstruction hit me as well as a good song, the intro is chilling. Other songs that are highlights, the moody 'lotus eaters', Cenotaph is unusually chilling, and Forever is perhaps the most depressing song put to speakers.

All in all, a brutal metalfest that doesn't let up until the final note. Whether you like Nevermores style or not, this one is a winner!