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Such a bitter album. - 100%

PseudoGoatKill, November 30th, 2004

This CD by Nevermore "Dreaming Neon Black" is one of the most bitter, angry, depressing albums I have ever listened to; and for good reason. "Dreaming Neon Black" is a concept album based around Darrell Wane losing his girlfriend/fiancée to a drug cult. Doing what many people would do in his situation Dane decides to express his feelings by writing this album. No emo or nu-metal band could ever touch the depth and emotion of an album of this depth. For one thing the loss of a loved one is more difficult than having homework. One other thing too, Nevermore can write and play the music extremely well.

The album definitely has a distinct pattern within the song writing. First and foremost, none of the songs are happy. They are harsh, bitter, and angry; or they are bitter, slower and depressing. It is after the song "I am the Dog" that the pattern kicks in.

Songs one through four is fast and loud, and bitter. The guitars go through several time changes at various speeds. You can hear the scales being played on these songs, and the ever so popular power chords are not abused on these or any of the other songs. The drumming sets some interesting drum lines and riffs, and never strays off course. You can also hear some very interesting bass riffs and bass lines on this album. The vocals are convicting, and well put out.

After "I am the Dog" we come to the title track. "Dreaming Neon Black" is the first song on the album that is truly depressing, and convicting. All of the instruments play together in perfect harmony even when time changes are rampant. The vocals done by both Darrel Wane and Christine Roades are very nicely done. This is the first song on the album that proves that you don't have to be angry in order to write a depressing album.

After this song we hear "Deconstruction" which is a fast paced, bitter song. By now you should know what to expect from the music. It is more of the same from the previous songs, only faster and louder. This is the first song where Warrel Dane really shouts against religion as an evil thing. As some people know I am Christian, and it might seem odd that this song here is one of my favorites. Hell, if some church I don't give a damn about what religion went off and brainwashed and killed someone I loved you can bet your ass I would be talking negatively about that sect, church, or cult.

The pattern pretty much goes like this after "I am the Dog". Slow song, fast song, fast song, slow song, fast song, etc.

The slowest and most heart wrenching song on this album is "The Lotus Eaters". With perfect harmony, and melody the song is a perfect example of the begging phase with God. Warrel Dane is more or less asking God why his fiancée/girlfriend was taken away from him, and some other interesting questions.

This album should be listened to as a whole and in order to receive the full benefits of this album.

Overall 100/100