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No big changes...And this is good - 89%

Cronos12390, December 24th, 2007

neVer's second album failed to disappoint. Certainly, they haven't changed gears or added that many new elements (I think Sceptic's lead guitar player, Jacek Hiro played on this album), but they haven't stopped making quality technical death/thrash. Is the paranoid atmosphere still there? Yes. Are the melodies as encapsulating as before? Yes. If you liked Monuments, you will like this.

Now, the guitars are produced oddly. During any given section with vocals, it seems as though they take a backseat to the drums and the vocals, but during any instrumental/lead sections, they come to the front. The tone is still fairly aggressive, and the solos (While they have a different player) are roughly the same. Interestingly enough, I note a slight Morbid Angel influence on the track "Devilish Simplicity". Just listen to the first riff. It could have easily come off Altars of Madness. The whole production job in general is a tad hazy, for lack of a better term. The only thing I note that's different is the instrumental track "Unnamed...Unleash the Chaos", which may either drag on or just require attention depending on your mood.

As stated before, if you liked Monuments enough, you'll probably want to at least look into this.