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Sludged up sabbath, pretty cool. - 77%

caspian, November 30th, 2008

Sabbath is the kind of thing that pretty much any metal band can cover with class. The slower bands just slow the things down; the faster bands just pick the more uptempo Sabbath tracks and speed it all up. This one's a pretty excellent example; Neurosis get Children of the Grave and make it sound like one of their own songs, while Soilent do a pretty cool medley and don't screw with anything too much.

The Neurosis one is clearly the best. It's a pretty cool song, and the whole thing sounds just like a Through Silver in Blood outtake. Tribal beats open it up, and the riffs are also very Neurosis-ish. It's covers like this that make you realise that perhaps Sabbath has a very big sonic influence on Neurosis. It's a bit long, perhaps, and while (like the Soilent cover) the vocals are fairly irritating, it's still a pretty enjoyable song. Simple, straightforward huge freaking sludge, certainly hard to resist.

Soilent Green's medley is alright, kind of lacking the huge bass tone that made the Neurosis one so monolithic. Vocals are pretty irritating- never been a huge fan of hardcore-ish vocals over these sort of doom grooves, but it's no big deal. A good deal less heavy then the Neurosis one; it's nowhere near as good but still a pretty enjoyable tune with some tasty riffing; I've always been a huge fan of that "Lord of This World" riff, and it seems that overall these guys picked the songs for the medley well; the amount of flow is decent and the songs are of a high quality.

This probably isn't really worth tracking down but if you're a huge fan of either of these bands it'd be worth getting. Entertaining doom stuff that the whole family could enjoy.