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Nettlethrone - Dissonant Progression - 90%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

I’ve seen the name Nettlethrone around a few times, but I’ve never heard them. For some reason I was expecting some form of metalcore, so boy was I wrong.

After a very melodic intro the furious blasting begins. But it’s not all blasting. They flirt wildly with Swedish old school death metal, adding a melodic touch with some Arch Enemy and At the Gates, and then brutalizing it with that American flavored death metal, mixing it up with some hardcore breakdowns. There are a lot of slick guitar leads and masterful riffing, on the verge of becoming thrash metal at times, and some absolutely wicked drumming. It creates an extremely energetic melodic death metal album, which gets a quite brutal edge due to the harsh voice of Nazmi Can (who’s no longer in the band). To ease up the intensity of Dissonant Progression there’s a few instrumental acoustic passages, which adds a bit of melancholy to it.

It's a very impressive debut album, and it would surprise the hell out of me it they don’t get some massive attention.

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