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Straight, Essential Brutality - 90%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, October 14th, 2008

Since having discovered Krisiun and Rebaelliun, I began always more and more attracted by everything that came from Brazil in brutal death metal field. Among my good discoveries, a band in particular astonished me for the inhuman level of brutality it had inside, and that band is exactly this Nephasth (if we don’t mention the fantastic Abhorrence band). They are truly amazing and they are able to take their influences from lots of extreme sides and bands. Their style is not simply brutal death metal but has also inside a great level of technique and the musicianship of these guys is just enviable.

Since the opening track, “Damned Knowledge” they show no remorse in martyrizing our poor ears. Incredibly, we can also find some Malevolent Creation influences in the riffage and the production is extremely clear. The blast beats parts are huge and relentless; just few times they are alternated to up tempo sections or fast bass drum restarts. The guitars solos are just amazing because they concentrate everything in few seconds, from technique to brutality and catchiness. The vocals are really brutal and very similar to the ones in the other Brazilian bands that play brutal death metal. There isn’t a moment to relax because when “I Reign” comes, everything explodes.

The tempo is always fast and now some Morbid Angel oriented riffs come to bring the sound a more dissonant and complicated sound. The riffage is precise and it’s amazing to imagine them playing in that way. The title track continues as a support in violence to the other tracks. Up until now we haven’t met a moment to chill out. Everything here is voted to the sheer power, to the speed of the instruments and the brutality of the vocals. The drumming is always precise even if it’s also so brutal and fast. “Hate Heart” could turn pale anyone that considered Max Kolesne the best Brazilian drummer in brutal death metal and one of the fastest in the whole world. The track itself is nothing but another frontal assault and I love it.

To always notice the presence of more dissonant riffs in some parts, just to create small breaks between the hyper brutal, canonical death riffs. They are really welcome because they are always powerful and add something more to an already excellent, brutal and various songwriting. The first track that differs a bit from the other ones in “Ignis Victory” and it’s like a military, apocalyptic march of ancient hordes on the battlefields. It’s epic, dark and really heavy and even “Domination is my Name” features darker and epic riffs in some parts to make the whole sound more obscure and damned.

The various “Crucify Again”, “You Have Lost” and “Bleeding Mortal Elements” doesn’t differ even a bit from the other tracks in terms of violence and speed, while in the final “Fear The Truth” there’s a return, in heavier dosages, of the darker and dissonant riffs to fill so parts where the band is less impulsive. All in all, being a truly blasting effort, it’s not recommended to anyone because it could annoy or bore someone not into this music. It’s brutal death, so it’s hyper fast, heavy and relentless. Sometimes, the intensity makes some parts seem a bit similar and also the originality is not their cup of tea, by the way this is the genre and we are not talking about a progressive form of death metal with various elements.

Nephast - Conceived by Inhuman Blood - 90%

Roel, January 23rd, 2005

Good and above all brutal Death Metal seems harder and harder to find these days. Dutch Death machine Sinister have called it quits, and as Death Metal veterans such as Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel failed to impress with their latest releases this brand of one of the most extreme forms of Metal seems to lack aggressive blood in the form of solid sonic mayhem. Fortunately, Nephasth reared its ugly head to provide the necessary inhuman blood transfusion: Conceived by Inhuman Blood.

People that claim you cannot judge a book by its cover are obviously wrong this time. When looking at the album cover which only has the logo plus title on it, there is no mistaking what Nephasth is all about: this album just oozes Death Metal.

Musically, the listener is treated with hard-hitting, varied Death Metal and it is clear that these Brazilians are technically skilled as well as accomplished composers. The instruments are in perfect diabolical harmony, as if orchestrated by some machine, it is that tight. The guitars are down-tuned, yet melodic. Also, Slayeresque solos intersperse the already breakneck speed guitar sound. Triggered or not, the percussion on this album is simply superb. Without effort the drummer interchanges furious blast-beats with slower, double-base intermezzos (the emphasis is on blast-beats.). This off course is no groundbreaking stuff, but the ferocity and general variety of the drumming is simply awesome. The vocals are archetypal Death Metal vocals and the guttural, growling voice of the singer sounds like a tombstone being dragged around a concrete floor.

The lyrics deal with the triviality of organised religion, the hatred towards man, and darker emotions and ways of thinking in general.

Seemingly just another band from Brazil, Nephasth started out in 1997 and after two well-received demo’s (one a self-released mCD), their first CD Unholy Immortal Triumph was visited upon the masses in 2000. They have been noticeably influenced by Morbid Angel, Nile (the Egyptian sound of the song Ignis Victory) and by their fellow countrymen of Krisiun and Abhorrence. However, they have taken the sound of Krisiun and made it their own, adding some diversity that was, according to other critics, missing with Krisiun (who released an astonishing and varied album in 2003). Whereas the first album somewhat suffered from a flawed production to back up the very much tangible potential of the band because of a thin buzzing guitar sound, Conceived by Inhuman Blood makes up for this tenfold, courtesy of the crystal-clear production. They are now signed to Denmark-based Mighty Music, and have become label mates of Vader and Decapitated.

All in all, in 43:19min Nephasth shows once and for all how real and sincere Death Metal should sound like. Maybe not the most original band around, Nephasth probably has a long future ahead of them, giving established acts such as Krisiun a run for their money.