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Neocori > Purgatory Dreams > Reviews
Neocori - Purgatory Dreams

“… And Hell Is Down on Earth” - 86%

bayern, July 7th, 2018

There’s more than just doom metal in the band’s musical formula; their style is more of a progressive power/doom metal mixture, quite comparable to the exploits of their compatriots from around the same time like Memento Mori, Abstrakt Algebra, Veni Domine, Memory Garden, Candlemass’ “Chapter VI” as well.

A major asset is the singer Stefan Carlsson, an outstanding wailing tenor from the Messiah Marcolin (Candlemass, Memento Mori) school, his pathos-like vocalisms dexterously guiding the lofty soundscapes, earning him a short spell with the mentioned Memento Mori later, before the man took part in the foundation of one of the greatest metal products in Swedish metal history, the progressive power/thrashers Pathos.

Fans of the aforementioned wave will find a lot to like here the title-track’s insistent pounding rhythms carving burrows into the 90’s canvas with balladic respites and faster-paced accumulations taking turns in a logical operatic fashion, Carlsson’s emotional tirades aptly supervising the proceedings without stifling the others’ endeavours which on “Invite Reality” acquire a more dynamic, also more dramatic flair with strong echoes of Memento Mori who seem to be the main influence. “Feet of the Liar” retains the more energetic delivery the guys juggling between power and doom, the several balladic developments helping the latter take the upper hand although the battle seems lost on “Into the Flesh“ where the band speed up with uplifting bouncy riffs amongst the antediluvian ship-sinking layouts on which a really good taste of melody has also been displayed.

The 2-track demo that followed was woven of the same intriguing power/doom juxtaposition although it didn’t do much to elevate the band’s status except that it made Carlsson noticed resulting in his recruitment by Mike Wead for the Memento Mori cause. Carlsson was supposed to replace the departed Marcolin, but by the time an official recording was scheduled, he was already gone placing his full, undivided attention on the Pathos stint. Once the latter was up and running, he did a great job on the first two instalments before quitting the music industry for good. A pity, this follow-up to the Neocori saga which initially showed promise way bigger than an indefinite “residing in purgatory” status…