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Nemesis - Forever in Metal

Astounding NWOBHM circa thirty years later - 90%

TitaniumNK, July 12th, 2012

There are certain moments when I deeply regret for exploring the music of unknown metal bands. God knows how many third rate, generic, bland music I've listened to so far. Still, I keep on pushing and discovering further. Why? The reason is simple - the bands and albums like the one I'm about to review make it all worth, for that feeling like you've discovered a hidden, priceless treasure.

Enter British band Nemesis and their latest album Forever in Metal.

It seems that the time has stopped on Channel Islands, where Nemesis come from. They are the last of their kind, the last true NWOBHM band. Even though the band present themselves as heavy/power metal, make no mistake, because what Nemesis deliver is purified, slick, sharp modern sound of the movement that changed the history of heavy metal thirty years ago. This would be pretty foney if the band's intention was to sound like this in 2011. No, this is what they are, without even the slightest hint of pretending, and I absolutely love it. Forever in Metal has got to be one of the most sincere and honest albums I've heard in a while.

What bugged me the most before I got this album was the production value. Nemesis are unfortunately (and unfairly) an unknown band, and being from an isolated island didn't help either. When I found out that the band recorded, mixed and produced the album in their own studio, I trembled that the final outcome will sound, well, bad. Raw. Underproduced. Luckily, my fears turned out to be completely unfounded, cause the production was done very professionally and up to the task. Then it struck me: ''Wait a minute! These guys are from Guernsey, England, not from North Korea! Why wouldn't they have a well-produced album?''. Be assured that this is produced equally well as Immortal Soul, Call to Arms, Unholy Cross or any other heavy metal album of 2011, if not better.

Of every band member that did a brilliant, absolutely brilliant job on this record, one deserves special mention, and special praise. That would be the vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Danny Joyce. Now, as I mentioned somewhere before, the most common problem you might have with obscure bands are the vocalists and their skills, or lack of skills, more often. And what's the mark for Joyce? Fucking A+, if you ask me or anybody with common sense. Seriously, Joyce is an amazing vocalist, there is so much passion, attitude and personality in his voice that it can't leave you indifferent. One more thing - there's something in Danny's voice that's just screaming for being English, and it's not just the accent. Mix that with genuine British first class NWOBHM music, and what you get is a thriller of an album for musical gourmands. How, oh how on Earth can it be that these guys aren't worldwide famous? There is no justice in this world. No justice.

Lyrically, Nemesis threw in every possible heavy/power metal cliche that ever appeared - brave warriors in steel, rocking hard in metal, one-dimentional fantasy tales, dragons, historical subjects - nothing that we didn't hear 30.000 times before. But, and this is one big ''but'', Nemesis are irresistibly charming in performing this stuff, because they mean it. Thus, they don't sound goofy and fake like many other bands, who, for instance, claim to worship Odin even if they come from China. Unpretentiousness is a great thing, and Nemesis stay down to Earth and don't try to be something they're not. Hats off for that.

Still doubting that Forever in Metal is pure NWOBHM? Look no further than the top three of this album: ''The Blade'', ''The King Is Dead... Long Live the King'' and the title track. ''The Blade'' is an awesome piece that sounds like it could've been written by Saxon, Demon, Tygers of Pan Tang or any other significant NWOBHM act. Want to kick shameful ''I Have a Right'' chorus out of your head? Then say ''hello'' to this smasher. If that chorus ''We are saved, by the blade, watch the dragon fall...'' doesn't stick in your mind for weeks, I don't know what will. ''Forever in Metal'' is a great, Manowar-like epic that shows it's still possible to write a metal-hailing song (No. 231967) and still sound fresh. My only complaint about this song is the confusing symphonical ending, which could've been thought out better. Otherwise, it owns. ''The King Is Dead... Long Live the King''... what a song. By far and wide the best on this album, and my 2011 favourite. I don't want to repeat myself in praises, so I'll just say that after sweating, breath-taking heavy metal, the outro is so good that it immediately drew pictures in my mind, the picture of a lonely battlefield in twilight, somewhere in impasses of England. This kind of stuff doesn't happen very often to me, and it is one more proof how good this song is.

Wow. Incredible band, incredible album. I'm giving 90 percents to this album, because I feel that this isn't Nemesis's zenith, they can do even better. If Forever in Metal doesn't get more attention from big record companies and metalheads, Nemesis should just call it a day. That would be the biggest, but well-deserved punishment to all of us who truly love heavy metal. Hopefully it won't happen. For the end, I will paraphrase Nightcrawler: ''Go. Find. Worship.''