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Pagan ways of black metal - 90%

KornelKontros, January 12th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2017, Cassette, Neverheard Distro (Limited edition)

Let's start with the band name as it has a pretty interesting meaning and story as well. "Nemere" is a dry and very grim mountain-valley wind prevailing in the eastern part of Transylvania. It blows from the direction of the "Nemere" mountain. It's also a Hungarian first name launched in the 19th century, used rarely these days.

The band itself was founded in 2007. This is their debut album, but there were 2 demos released prior to it. Their line-up was constant since the beginning and features V.ZS. on vocals, V.T. on guitar, V.Á. on bass and G.J. on drums. The music they propagate is straight black metal with lyrics about paganism, battles, ancestors and landscapes.

The 9 pieces of "Vérmezõ" (it means bloodfield) have been carefully prepared, recorded and last but not least, immortalized on tapes by Neverheard Distro. Their tunes sound pretty raw, but all the way heartfelt. The quartet does not diversify a lot song-structure-wise, there's mainly a minimum number of riffs installed per song, which are usually plain, but the tempos they dictate are fast and at times they storm- and sound-like the so-called grim wind in the cold winter days.

All the lyrics were written in Hungarian language and the topics touched are really interesting, especially if you want to know more about the ancient Hungarian culture and life of the ancestors. You can listen to their great debut as well as to their past demos at bandcamp. Maximally recommended!

Originally published at the website of Encomium 'zine.