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Nekrovault > Totenzug: Festering Peregrination > Reviews > Nattskog7
Nekrovault - Totenzug: Festering Peregrination

Sepulkrator - 90%

Nattskog7, June 6th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2020, CD, Ván Records (Digipak)

Following two EP’s, German death metallers Nekrovault have unleashed their debut full length album of morbidly bleak extremities.

Unsettling samples and ambience draw the album in with a subtle yet foreboding vibe that is accentuated as guitars slowly drone in. Dissonantly fierce riffs convulse into action with built in drums and raspy vocals, making for an immediately captivating, hypnotic atmosphere that is creepily dragged out into macabre depths that can be further delves into throughout the record. The disturbing vocals over discordant instrumentals is utterly unhinged, this is not just some fantastic death-doom, it draws more on the style of bands like Abyssal, Spectral Voice or Obliteration with a uniquely despairing yet unrelentingly aggressive and tormenting assault of the senses with scathing riffs and abrasive blastbeats, all captured with the twisted vocals under a swathe of a murky yet concise production style.

The album is well-driven with plenty of bite, punching and spewing forth a malignant and forever mutating soundscape of eerie and monstrously crushing death metal excellence. Purging through slabs of concrete-heavy songwriting, the sheer momentum of this record alone is unstoppable, when coupled with such brilliant musicianship and a permeating, brooding ambience of pure malevolence, there is really no easy way of describing how sonically visceral and punishing this material is. Reverberate, chaotic and filthily evil passages of charnel oddities continue to unfurl throughout as we are dragged further into the musical abyss of obliteration these maniacs create with wickedly savage onslaughts of punitive grooving hooks and vitriolic spearheads of mighty cascading darkness.

Continuing in the rich vein of unimaginably intense barbarism, Nekrovault deliver a conjuration of ritualistic, blasphemous and inhuman death metal that is not only more brutal and more otherworldly than the average death metal record but infinitely more punishing and memorable, truly some material that will haunt you for a long time with its chillingly enticing tentacles entwining the brain with these unholy musical abominations. The proficiency of the whole band is mind-blowing with infinitely growing blends of rapid drums filled with pummelling transitions, superbly snarled rhythm guitar and bass, demonically howled and growled vocals and then the occasional solos which are just magnificent, this bands skills clearly do not end with the amazing songwriting, the delivery is just as insane.

If you can endure the unrelenting scathe of this inescapable masterpiece then you will be rewarded with an enlightened and captivating listen that will leave anyone in awe, that I am certain of. Psychotically morbid, astonishingly evil and totally genius, some of the most intensely spectral and vicious death metal to be released in a long time.

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