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Nekromanteion - Cosmic Horrors

Destructive If Derivative - 74%

TheStormIRide, June 21st, 2015
Written based on this version: 2015, 7" vinyl, Iron Bonehead Productions (Limited edition)

While South America is a veritable hotbed of miasmic black/death metal, most of these raw and virulent acts seem to hail from Brazil, Peru and Chile. Nekromanteion is another chaotic black/death band from the southern hemisphere, hailing from the up and coming Bolivian scene. Although there aren’t many prominent and internationally recognized acts from the country, the acts that have made it to these ears have been promising. Performing as a three piece, the members have served time in underground acts like Xerbeth, Metal Attack and the Argentine horde Infernal Curse. The band formed in 2011 and released their debut demo, Spirit of Darkness, in 2012 and a split with long running Colombian black metal outfit Nebiros in 2014. 2015 sees the band returning with a two track 7” through Iron Bonehead Productions, titled Cosmic Horrors.

While a title like that may conjure images of the swrrling, dissonant atmospherics of bands like Mitochondrian or Ævangelist, the twelve minute EP brings to mind a barbaric likeness of Blasphemy and Beherit with a dash of the voraciously primitive style of Abysmal Lord. It’s an approach that manages to sound South American in scope, as the legions of Sarcófago worshiping occultists should feel quite at home with Cosmic Horrors. Despite the short run time, Nekromanteion attempts to destroy everything in its wake. From the frenetic, pulsing chugging at the start to of “Oath of Black Fire” to the punishing slow crawl at the end of “Demonic Libations”, the entirety of this short EP is fused with raw and chaotic black/death metal.

Featuring a frenzied mix of heavy handed, mid-paced riffing and jagged, furious trem riffing, Nekromanteion brings a mix of the raw sounds of South America and the blasphemous war mongering of the Ross Bay Cult. The drums alternate between a simplistically primal stomp and thick, rangy blasts. The vocals are mostly low, gruff growls, but there’s an occasional frenzied scream that rises at the end of verses adding a maniacal touch. With both songs waxing and waning between slower paces and furious fast paced blasting, Cosmic Horrors offers a solid effort. The music isn’t really the most imaginative, but the band’s adherence to creating blasphemously unholy black/death is admirable, as there’s no frills to be found anywhere.

Being that the band’s longest release to date clocked in at less than fifteen minutes, it’ll be interesting to see how the band translates their sound onto a longer format. One would have to imagine that it would be destructive, if derivative, with plenty of alternation between punishing crunch and frenetic fury. With Cosmic Horrors, Nekromanteion isn’t going to really put the Bolivian scene in the spotlight, but black/death aficionados should certainly enjoy what’s being offered.

Written for The Metal Observer.