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Nothing short of a masterpiece - 100%

YggdrasilAblaze, March 21st, 2007

Negurã Bunget's fourth and latest opus entitled "Om" is nothing short of a masterpiece. It is not simply music, but an epic and grand journey, a spiritual journey that is breathtaking. This recording should be listened to in full to truly enjoy it, it cannot just be sampled. Every second of this journey is as good as any before it, not one moment should be skipped.

Untainted by simplicity, it is packed with emotion, full of raw power, and amazing beauty. Variety is alive and well throughout and never does a dull moment rise. You won't find mindless brutality or a collage of the same riffage and percussion.

The guitar tone is low and heavy, creating that raw power. Excellent percussion is evident and has the largest variety. Every instrument flows with one another and is not overdone. They are played with skill and each one has a very important role.

Both clean and harsh vocal styles are strong and give a lot to the present emotion. All vocals are in their (Negurã Bunget's) native tongue and it shouldn't be any other way. The language really gives it a lot of beauty, emotion, and that strong power.

The atmosphere is like nothing else, painting a picture that is soaked in awe. It gives an impression that will keep you listening, keeping you eager to find out what lies next. Exciting you every single moment every instance that is Om.

Not a single track is less significant than another, all eleven tracks make up one piece of work, it is one, not a collection of tracks like so many other albums are.

Videos were made for the tracks "Cunoaºterea Tãcutã" and "Norilor" (possibly more, these are the only two to my knowledge (there was also a promo video for the album)) and they can give an idea on the theme throughout the album. Nature's relationship with spirituality is what really comes to my mind from the music and the videos, maybe even mankind's relationship with these as well.

Om is truly an amazing experience, an experience that is mind-blowing. This one soars above the rest, going where no other album has gone before. Negurã Bunget has created one of the greatest recordings my ears have ever witnessed. A 100% rating doesn't come close to how good this release is, words can never describe it how it truly should be described. It is something that has to be experienced.