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A transilvanian journey... - 87%

JonaarS, March 11th, 2006

If you don’t know how a band from the depths of Transylvania, Romania can be successful in an underground music genre, you definitely have got to check out Negura Bunget (literally translated as “Fog Forest”). They consist of three members and present with ‘n Crugu Bradului their forth album. There are four long songs on this album, every one of them about 12-13 minutes long, who take you on a journey through the mighty, spiritual forests of Transylvania by creating a great atmosphere with a lot of different sounds. This is not the easiest music to enjoy, but once you’ve got the catch of it, you’ll be a fan. This will sound like pure chaos to some, but for me it’s a masterpiece. Symphonic Black Metal, with a nice experimental touch, like the use of a xylophone and some crazy guitar sounds. Every song starts sober with an intro but builds up to a great climax. You definitely can feel the passion, anger, … in the vocals, who are perfectly supported by the music. Listening to their music is pure enjoyment for my ears, it can keep me concentrated from the beginning until the end. A minor is that all the lyrics are written in Romanian, a second minor is that the fourth song is a little bit too focused on the atmosphere so you get an extremely long, a bit monotone outro. To conclude: Be sure to check out Negura Bunget, they’re great!