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Death Holy Death - 90%

Najakelia, October 11th, 2009

This album might be one of the reasons why i'm still listening to Black metal. In opposition to the major part of the 'actual bands' who delivers an album wherein all the tracks sound alike, 'Death holy Death' brings something fresh and all the tracks have their own identity and good-points.
After a silence of thirteen years, Belfagor seems to have chosen to resurrect both OFERMOD and NEFANDUS at the same time, and it is with a perfect feeling fed by years of Darkness and devotion that this album is brought to life.
While Belfagor seems to be behind the majority of the compositions, a sizeable number of guests are nevertheless present (instruments,vocals,lyrics).

Musically speaking itself, all the compositions are decent and thoughtful. The atmospheres emerging are quite various due mainly to the use of different languages ( latin & arabic at the beginning of "samaelic madness code").
While "Behind the Red Lotus" delivers a slow & cold atmosphere full of gnostic mysteries and passion (yet still aggressive as hell), "samaelic madness code"or even "Death Holy Death " sound more like divine incantations with lots of clean vocals very well recorded which fit perfectly with the concept of the album. Nefandus is dealing with Mesopotamian/oriental mythology and Jewish esotericism. A kind of syncretism/fusion of all the Blackness that you can find in all the religions of the world. Thus, Nefandus here has very little in common with the average black metal band. You can easily feel the writters do know what they are talking about since they practice what they preach.

I would like to call attention to the sixth track "Ama Lilith Opening Her Womb"performed by Henry Möller which is absolutely awesome. A pure moment of magic through the oriental territories. This track could have been composed by Deathspell omega or even Nile (Karl sanders).

I'm not going to analyse deeper the musical side of this work since all is said previously summarize (according to me) perfectly the situation. Once again, Nefandus proves us that Sweden is still a good ground for Black metal. I'm really looking forward to their next compositions. Is better possible?