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Necrowretch > The Ones from Hell > Reviews > Nattskog7
Necrowretch - The Ones from Hell

Through the Black Abyss - 85%

Nattskog7, August 7th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Season of Mist

France’s savage black metal extremists Necrowretch are back with their fourth full length of blasphemous heavy metal.

Soothing acoustic guitars bring in the album with a delicately intricate introduction, setting a melodic yet somewhat foreboding vibe for the assault ahead. Fantastic drums start pummelling their way in, for what I can expect will lead to total sonic butchery. Glorious guitars soon chime in some ferocious atmospherics that build up marvellously to draw in the hellfire of Necrowretch who clearly have been working hard behind the scenes to make some astonishingly intense music. Bellowing vocals, blast-beats and maniacal riffing soon bring the total decimation I was patiently waiting for and they do not disappoint.

Thrashing ritualistic brutality churns out purely monstrous extreme metal with a mighty performance of the blackened arts, these guys draw on the sound of bands like Degial, Nifelheim and Watain whom do not just simply fall into one category or genre, delivering only unrelenting heavy metal annihilation. There is some gorgeous lead melodics on this album while the rhythmic battery from the band definitely is what gives that obliterating sense of hellish morbidity alongside the ferocious vocal howling that offers a full, monolithic sound of demonic metal mayhem. Utterly savage, hellish and untamed, this album will drop you right into the underworld for some unrivalled heaviness and killer songwriting which is beautifully twisted and evil to witness.

Primitive but not lacking in excellent songwriting or musicianship, this is exactly what extreme metal should have to offer with an undeniably passionate, barbaric performance from the whole band. Thrashing out total macabre violations, this record will leave you in anguish from being possessed by the mighty vitriol of Necrowretch and eager to hear more (thankfully all of their records are fantastic, so if you are new to the band there is more to dig in to). Utterly marvellous extreme metal malice from one of France’s best acts.

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